Saturday, April 26, 2014

Led Light Up Glow Teddy Bear Pillow Pet

Led Light Up Glow Teddy Bear Pillow Pet

LED Light Up Teddy Pillow

This super soft pillow pet will light up your life! Who can resist the charm of a sweet teddy bear combined with the beauty of softly glowing LED lights? This adorable plush pillow has the prettiest LED lights inside that offer up a reassuring glow in red, blue, green, yellow and white. The glow pillow not only looks great as part of your room decor, it feels great, too! With an extremely soft 50/50 blend of cotton and cashmere, this is one cuddly teddy bear pillow!

Looking for a gift for that someone special? This gorgeous glow pet is the perfect solution! Its LED lights burn brightly, but never get hot. In fact, you can cuddle the friendly bear all you like and never even feel the lights inside! This sweet teddy bear is perfect for all ages and is a great gift to show that you care!

Ready to travel with you, make naptimes easier or bedtimes brighter, this teddy wants to be adored! We know you'll love him as much as all of our other Eternity LED Glow pillow pets, and because we are located in the US, you can get him quickly, usually in 3-5 business days.

At Eternity LED Glow, we also sell our items at wholesale, and we use only the best quality materials in all our products. Buy your light up pillow from us, and rest assured you will be getting the best!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Led Light Up Glow Star Pillow Pal

Led Light Up Glow Star Pillow Pal

LED Light Up Star Pillow

Star light, star bright...this cuddly LED star pillow will light up the night! Let this friendly glow pillow chase away the bad dreams as you drift off to sleep. The super plush cotton and cashmere (50/50) blend gives this light up pillow an extra softness that's perfect for naptimes, bedtimes or travelling. It offers a reassuring glow that children love, and looks so pretty that adults love it, too!

The snuggly star pillow pet looks amazing, with its color-changing LED lights in red, blue, white, yellow and green. The tiny lights shine for hours, but never get hot. And, hug the pillow as hard as you like; you still won't feel the tiny lights! This is one glow pillow that is made for cuddles!

Just like our other LED products, this sweet Eternity LED Glow star is made with only the best quality materials. It makes a wonderful decoration for your home, or a loveable friend for children of all ages. It's a wonderful gift that anyone would love to receive!

All of our products are shipped from the US and only take 3-5 business days to arrive. We also offer items at wholesale, and promise our customers the best service with every order!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Led Light Up Glow Paw Pillow

Led Light Up Glow Paw Pillow

LED Light Up Paw Pillow

Once you feel how soft this light up paw pillow is, you won't be able to 'bear' to part with it! This fun plush pillow features a cuddly paw design with a super soft outer blend of 50/50 cashmere and cotton. Illuminated from inside by bright LED lights that never get hot, this is one fun glow pillow!

The color changing lights, in red, blue, green, white and yellow, can't be felt when you lie on or cuddle the pillow, so you can use it for napping or travelling comfortably. The colorful lights provide the perfect reassuring glow for children at night, and the fun paw shape adds character to any room you place it in. This is one plush pillow that the entire family will enjoy!

Grab one of these fun pillows for yourself or to give as a gift. It's sure to get plenty of use, and the lovely LED lights will glow for hundreds of hours.

At Eternity LED Glow, we only use the highest quality materials in our glow pillows and other LED products. Whether you are looking for wholesale products or a special gift for someone you love, you can rest assured that our products will be the best quality for your needs. We're located in the US, so your order will reach you quickly, usually within 3-5 days.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Led Light Up Glow Heart Pillow

LED Light Up Heart Pillow

Give this pretty plush pillow heart to someone you love and watch their eyes light up like the LED lights inside! This pillow was made for love; in fact, it says so right on the side! The squeezably soft pillow features a 50/50 cotton and cashmere blend that makes the outside super cuddly, and the LEDs inside give it an amazing glow.

Perfect for snuggling at night or while traveling, this pretty light up pillow really adds a lovely ambience to any room. Turn it on and enjoy the gorgeous LED lights in red, blue, white, green and yellow. The lights glow brightly for hundreds of hours but never get hot. Squeeze and cuddle the fun pillow all you like, but you won't feel the tiny lights inside. This makes it perfect for sleeping, and safe enough for children of all ages to enjoy!

Made to the same high standards that all of our products here at Eternity LED Glow are, this sweet heart shaped pillow is the perfect gift for someone you love. Make a romantic gesture, give your child a reassuring night light, or treat yourself to the lovely pillow. It's a wonderful gift for anyone!

Eternity LED Glow is located in the US, so our products will be with you soon, typically in 3-5 days. Order one of our great LED light up pillows today and let it light up your life!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Led Light Up Glow Dulphin Pet Pillow

LED Dolphin Pillow

Give someone you love a cuddly, LED pillow pet today! This cute and cuddly dolphin is more than just a soft toy; it's also a beautifully ambient LED pillow that's perfect for adding a special touch to your home decor, or a reassuring night time glow for children of all ages.

The Eternity LED Glow dolphin is super soft and very snuggly, with a 50/50 cashmere and cotton blend that begs to be cuddled. It also features powerful but tiny LED lights that can't be felt, even when the pillow is hugged tight. This makes the pillow pet more comfortable and safe, since the LEDs never get hot and work for hundreds of hours.

Our friendly dolphin plush pillow changes colors automatically, featuring red, blue, white, yellow and green. It's the perfect glow pillow for traveling, nap time or sleepovers. Adults love our cuddly pillows, too, and they're great gifts for all ages! Buy one of these fun light up pillows for yourself or someone you love today!

Eternity LED Glow is located in the US, and our quick delivery times (3-5 business days) mean you can get our great products fast! We also sell them at wholesale, and promise our customers only the BEST quality in all of our unique LED products.

Monday, April 21, 2014

LED Light Up Glow Couch Pillow

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LED Light Up Couch Pillow

It looks like an ordinary plush pillow for your couch or chair, but this soft cushion has a hidden surprise. With the flip of a switch, the LED lights inside begin to glow, creating a beautiful ambience that is hard to resist. Snuggle up with this cushion at night while watching television, or let the kids use it as a night light. It's so soft and cuddly, everyone in the family will want one for their very own!

The soft outer covering of our light up pillow is a soft cotton and cashmere blend (50/50). Tucked away inside are the bright LED lights, ready to burn for hours but that won't ever get hot. In fact, you can't even feel the lights when you squeeze and cuddle the pillow. It's the perfect comforting glow pillow for travelling, sleepovers or just cuddling up on the sofa.

This great-looking light up pillow makes a wonderful accessory for your home decor, but it also makes a great gift. Children of all ages love our LED pillows, but the adults do, too! What's not to love about this gorgeous, soft and cuddly pillow?

Our Eternity LED Glow products are made with only the finest materials, so you can always expect the best products when you order from us. We also sell our products at wholesale, and we're located in the US, so shipping is fast, usually within 3-5 business days. Order one of our great LED pillows for yourself or to give as a gift, and we know you won't be disappointed!